Matt Shannon – Fitness and Fighting Blog – Williamsburg VA

Welcome To The Tactical Fighting Show

The Show Exclusively Designed for Real Warriors.

Warning: This is THE Alternative To Sport Fighting!

Hello everyone and welcome to the tactical fighting show. I am your host Matt Shannon and I am excited to bring to you a very unique program.

Here we ‘re gonna give you the straight talkin, politically incorrect, NO B.S. guide to real world fitness and fighting skill.

We will cover in detail real, street oriented martial arts and personal protection. We’ll cover real fitness and combat skills that live outside the gym/school/dojo/kwoon. We’re your ace-in-the-whole experts for take no prisoners, where the rubber meets the road fitness and fighting. If you’re simply into cardio kickboxing, or spin or any other BS like that then this ain’t for you.

Hey – when you find a cop on the beat who’s got to sprint to catch a perp, tackle him, and cuff him if all he’s been doing is “cardio” or weight training — then he’s shit-outta-luck. Everything we do is geared toward training like we fight. So we’re mainly concerned with efficiency and efficacy.

Our purpose is to give combat oriented martial arts, school/gym owners, military and law enforcement personnel a way to connect and find common ground where they may not have thought they had any in the past.

We’re open to all styles and modalities of training. As long as part of what you’re focused on is combat, not sport, oriented self-protection then you are welcome with open arms.

But, if youre simply an after school, Karate birthday party type program/school owner then this aint for you.

We’ll be featuring combat oriented Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Jeet Kuen Do, Sambo, Judo, Krav Maga and much, much more. We’ll be doing product reviews of books and instructional dvd’s and be doing interviews of  martial artists, special forces operators, SWAT team members and instructors, schools owners and more.

I hope you’re ready because this is going to be one helluva ride!

Click here for more info.


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